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Congress President Kuldeep Singh Rathore has strongly criticized the working style of Chief Minister Jairam Thakur and said that the State Government has been negligent on the border issue . He said that China is building concrete houses and roads along the state border and the government has ignored the situation.
He said that there would have been no serious stress situation here today if the Chief Minister had already made a visit on time and informed the Central Government on time .

Rathore has sought details of the situation after the Chief Minister’s visit to Lahaul and Spiti. He said that the Chief Minister’s visit to the tribal district in a sudden manner raises many questions, so the state should be informed about the actual situation of the border.
Rathore said that Congress had already written a letter last year on 5 August 2020 on this unauthorized construction of China in Koonu and Charang areas of the border, whereby then the intelligence system had failed and the local people made a video of construction activities.
The Congress, while expressing its concern at that time, had warned the government about this construction. Local Congress MLA Jagat Singh Negi had also conveyed this concern to the government.
He said that in a letter to the Prime Minister, Home Minister, Defence Minister, State Governor, and the Chief Minister, the Congress had expressed its concern about China’s activities on the border and the safety of the people.
Rathore said that the Chief Minister’s sudden visit to the region yesterday and the talks with officials of ITBP have added to the concern for the state.
The issue of high alert following the media reports has raised concerns about the safety of the people in the region.
Rathore has said that Congress has already cautioned the government on the need for vigilance on the borders of Lahaul Spiti, Chamba, and Kinnaur after the past boundary conflicts with China. He said that now in the region, China has mostly completed its construction work. He has said that the government needs more vigilance as it has a very big responsibility of protecting people. He has said that the people living on the border should not have any problem of any kind and it should be fully ensured that there is complete security of their property.

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